Who UofL follows for Final Four Basketball? GO CARDS!

UofL Fans

Thousands of fans, students, media and friends of UofL will be attending events leading up to the Final Four this coming weekend.  Here is who UofL is following for the inside scoop, photos, updates and insider stories:

NOTE: The opinions, statements, views and comments expressed on these accounts are NOT those of the university, these are individual accounts and opinions not affiliated with the university. If you don’t like their opinions, views, photos, outfits, shoes or think they smell funny, just don’t follow them.

Primary: UofL Athletics – catch them on Twitter or Facebook

Our Insiders

 J.P. Davis   Jimmy Henderson   @UofLAlum

Jacque Ramsey      Mark Hebert      Mary Ann Vetter

Fans we follow

@BrianUSellis        @uoflalumnigal   @apjame01

@LeslieHolland        @ditchball         @paulweldy        @elleraiser

@David_Power       @LeslieHolland  @CurlyMel427  @jpfenwick

@nick_wunderlin   @TheCardConnect

(more coming from schools, departments and UofL employee-superfans)

Media we follow

@clbrown_cj     @KyleTucker_CJ     @ericcrawford     @rickbozich

@Jason_Riley    @KentTaylorWAVE   @ConnieLeonard   @AndyTreinen

@AdamLefkoe    @KelseyWHAS       @KendrickHaskins        @tonyvanetti

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2 Responses to Who UofL follows for Final Four Basketball? GO CARDS!

  1. Mark Thomas Hulsewede says:

    I am organizing a peaceful demonstration tomorrow. We will be demonstrating against the way that the Final Four Tickets were handled at the University of Louisville. PLEASE bring PEACEFUL signs calling for removal of all SGA officials (ALL Greek), disgruntled signs about ticket debauchery/process, the Ticket Office, Athletic Department, as well as the whole Greek community. We will meet tomorrow on campus, at the bottom of the ramp outside of the SAC. Please be there at 1:00 p.m. and invite your friends! Hope to see you there.

  2. Amy Simmons says:

    I knew louisville would get here but now there gonna beat kentuckys butt

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